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This Is Darkness
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This Is Darkness As a whole, Superspectrum is a varied, wide-reaching endeavor. The songs presented take more than their fair share of experimental composure. This could be a death sentence for some compilations but helmed by Sonologyst, the tracks all work together quite well. Read full review at:
Purple Crow
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Purple Crow There are several possible approaches to discovering this album. Intellectual discussion. Experimental exploration. Artistic genre choice. No matter which angle you arrive here from, this collection will suit your approach surprisingly well. Worth supporting.
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Jonathan The darkly ambient, very trippy "Superspectrum" is brilliant fun. This outstanding album is a must buy for all lovers of dark drone/ambient/psychedelic music . As one music critic wrote: "Superspectrum is a monumental Dark Ambient compilation." Don't believe me or the music critic? Just listen to Sonologyst's epic, "Ceremony."  Favorite track: Sonologyst - Ceremony.
Produced by Alphaxone for Eighth Tower Record.


The Superspectrum is the spectrum of energies that are known to exist but that cannot be accurately measured with present-day instruments. It is a shadowy world of energies that produce well-observed effects, particularly on biological organisms (namely people). The Superspectrum is the source of all paranormal manifestations from extrasensory perception (ESP) to UFO, ultradimensional entities and occult presences. It is hard to pin down scientifically because it is extradimensional, meaning that it exists outside our own space-time continuum yet influences every thing within our reality.
There are many documented cases of electromagnetic effects in conjunction with paranormal phenomena. In houses experiencing poltergeists or other 'ghostlike' apparitions, electrical appliances and light fixtures often display unusual behavior. There are many documented cases of paranormal communication through electronic devices - the Raudive voice recordings on radio, TV apparitions, and mysterious phone calls. Similarly, UFOs and other paranormal occurrences often cause interference with car engines and other electrical, and some feel UFOs hovering near power lines may cause blackouts. Those who have seen UFOs often receive dehydration and 'eye burn' - a result of' high-frequency actinic (Ultra Violet) radiation - which is observed in people who have sighted "Sasquatch" and other apparitions, as well. The presence of unusual EM activity in 'windows' of paranormal activity is often demonstrated by the tendency for compass needles and other electronic instruments to behave wildly.


released February 17, 2017


A Steve Mizrach article

A new demonology : John Keel and The Mothman Prophecies:

Download John Keel book "The Cosmic Question":



This is the Darkness

Archaic Triad

Merchants of Air

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Superspectrum sounds from Ultraterrestrial dimensions.

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