by Nihil Impvlse

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plasticseahorse It's like being bound in a torture chamber and having a trepan fastened on your head for perforation. The metallic creaks and groans of machinery evokes a revulsive sense of technophobia that didn't exist in the not-so-distant past. The built-up discomfort is surprisingly enjoyable. Favorite track: To All Our Futures These Ruins Shall Return.
Ricardo Barron
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Ricardo Barron Excellent sound of Death industrial and frequencies of Harsh noise, the song "A prison within a prison" is great, excellent work Eighth Tower records and Nihil Impvlse!!. Favorite track: A Prison Within A Prison.
Rudy Carrera
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Rudy Carrera See here: Favorite track: A Prison Within A Prison.
Rob thumbnail
Rob Such a great release to end this year. Great Sounds! Favorite track: Thanatological Singularity.


A deposition of cold electronics and harsh frequencies to testify to the perpetual stagnation of reality. Nothing ever changes except the means through which this successful illusion is maintained. "Stasis" is an exploration, in seven chapters, of the diagrams of the power mechanisms caging us in an invisible prison: civilization. From the anointing ritual of ecstatic pain engrafting the mental germ, to its own epiphany, and to the final revelation: the word "stasis" in ancient Greek meant not only stillness but also rebellion, and the realization of this leads the individual to struggle towards conquest and freedom. Put your hand on the pyre, life turns in an ordeal of awareness.


released December 17, 2020


This Is The Darkness

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2020 © EighthTowerRecords
Mastering: Raffaele Pezzella (a.k.a. Sonologyst)
Artwork: Francesco Di Stasio
Cover Photo: "Prometheus Bound”, Nicolas-Sébastien Adam,1762
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Superspectrum sounds from Ultraterrestrial dimensions.

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