minimalia nocturna

by vÄäristymä / DRS

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silentvoid_webzine Two different but perfectly combinable musical styles.
An album extremely accurate in the quality of sound, which differs a lot from the common ambient drone albums, due to the strong presence of minimal rhythms and very elaborate and continuously moving drones.
Highly recommended!

Our review: Favorite track: vÄäristymä - radiopurkaus.
Felix Montfort
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Felix Montfort Amazing moods here. The sounds of both artists fit perfect on this. Really stunned. Favorite track: DRS - äyael.
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Jonathan minimalia nocturna is a first rate dark drone album. My preference goes to DRS's music, which blew me away with its strong psychedelic drone. Very trippy. Very powerful. Very psychedelic. Put on your headphones and open your third eye. Yet another great dark drone album from Eighth Tower Records. Favorite track: DRS - äyahuasca.
Eve McGivern
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Eve McGivern A split between new project DRS (Italy) and vÄäristymä (Finland), this is a new release of, respectively, dark industrial ambient and alien, spacey industrial ambient. The two together make for a strong, haunting release, though my personal preference favors the DRS colored by dark drone washes and industrial heartbeats akin to Coil. Favorite track: DRS - äyahuasca.
DRS - äyael 09:16


minimalia nocturna - split album

vÄäristymä and DRS are two projects, the first a duo from Finland, the second an Italian artist, united by the experimentation around the minimal and oblique forms in drone ambient music. Searching for analogue instrumentation and recording generates an obliquely dark sound, alien in the case of vÄäristymä, cavernous and almost underwater in the case of DRS. Both at the frontier of the new minimal ambient drone.

Janne Liimatainen and Jarko Hedenius, two brothers from Helsinki, Finland, began creating music with computers in 1992.
Within a few years, the computers gave way to the raw and primitive world of analogue gear. When some experimental, self-made sound-sustaining structures were added, the music began to evolve into a more unexpected and exploratory direction and vÄäristymä was born.

More info at :

DRS is an Iralian solo project by Andrea Darse, born in Pisa, Italy. Analogue and modular synths, field recordings and reel to reel tape recordings, are the base of his work with the inner texture of sound.

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Archaic Triad

Chain D.L.K.

Video by Tim Van der Schraelen:


released May 26, 2017


The Silent Void

© Eighth Tower Records
Curated by Raffaele Pezzella
Mastering: Sonologyst
Cover image: Hades by Tim Van der Schraelen
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all rights reserved



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Superspectrum sounds from Ultraterrestrial dimensions.

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