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Dust Of Human Race


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loo(p)cy Dust of Human Race is a masterpiece. A musical work that sounds like travel across mankind signs in any time and space. Absolutely great! Favorite track: Dust Of Human Race.
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crazymaja Apparently a requiem for these dusty ruins of humanity. That was my feeling when I started to listen to this album. But then, track by track, my feelings changed and a deep peace pervaded me. It ended up with a great love and respect, a sense of peace. Humanity isn't lost as long as Raffaele Pezzella will be there, working hard and with great class to show us it's best side while crying for and with it. Favorite track: Avidyā.
John Chadwick
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John Chadwick Ambient, calming and still with lots of surprises in the soundscape.
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Avidyā 05:59
Maléfice 05:55
The Prayer 04:40


Quocunque adspicias, nihil est nisi mortis imago.
Publio Ovidio Nasone

Music and sound design: Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst)
Organ on "Teatro Grottesco": Michael Bonaventure
Voice and bowed psaltery on "Maléfice": Ellen Southern
Double Bass (processed by Sonologyst) on Chiangimuerti: Alvaro Rosso


released February 5, 2021


Raffaele Pezzella's Sonologyst made it to these pages a couple of times (Vital Weekly 1225, 1194, 1134 for instance) and here is a new one, with a quote from Ovi on the cover "Wherever you look, there is nothing but the image of death" (well, in Latin), which, perhaps, says something about the darker nature of the music. Maybe it is a sign of grim times, but in his previous work, Sonologyst wasn't a bundle of laughs either. As I noted previously, you could think that Pezzella's is gothic, but it is not. His dark electronic textures are also not necessarily of the strict drone variety; a few keys of a synthesizer pressed down with the eternal sustain. I'd say that his electronic treatments are more related to the world of musique concrète, early electronic music and mixed with some finer points made by those from the industrial music world, and all of this embedded within all things occult and modern mythologies, as Pezzella calls it. The six pieces on this release are fine showcases of these musical and non-musical interests. Unlike the early electronic music, Sonologyst sounds are longer and in general, don't apply a cut-up style, and that is part of the idea to create a haunting soundtrack, the horror soundtrack if you will. The feedback in 'Teatro Grootesco' is an example of screams from beyond, as well as something reminiscent of industrial music. That piece is the loudest of the lot anyway, and perhaps my least favourite track. I like it when Sonologyst plays out a more spacious electronics, dark and mysterious, brooding and suspense full. In that respect, I found the closing 'Chiangimuerti' the best. It is the longest piece, with church bells, creepy voices, drones, and lots of underlying suspense slowly building crescendo towards the big bang that never comes. It ends another remarkable release. (FdW)

Taking time for yourself and your own creations, that's what Raffaele Pezzella thought, and therefore there's a new Sonologyst album. Death, and how various cultures reflect on it, is his main guide in his music the last years. This often leads to very claustrophobic pieces, expressing very well the way how we handle death and mortality in common. For 'Dust Of Human Race', he rather seems to choose for a soundboard during our downfall. A result of the pandemic perhaps. The samples he incorporates in his intrusive dark ambient/drones, could as well have fitted within a heavy industrial or engaged harsh noise project. The cd sounds like a mourning process, culminating into a sort of lamentation, which are well present in the last track 'Chiangimuerti'. The album doesn't offer consolation, it rather provides an uncomfortable feeling, a feeling everyone of us feels now and then during funerals. Dark in all its aspects, yet intriguing from the start until end, it's an art on its own.


Avant Music News



Another haunting delivery from Italian sound artist, curator, and founder of USG and all its subsidiaries, Raffaele Pezzella. This could be seen as the continuation of his sound essays about how death is seen and dealt with through different cultures, one that started with last year's Ancient Death Cults and Beliefs (Cold Spring). This is not new territory for the artist, so he is pretty much in control here: we get his usual mix of obscure samples, manipulated sound sources, complex arrangement, and seamless flow, but, as always, he is able to endow his work with enough sense of growth to make it feel that we're looking forward and not sideways when it comes to his overall catalog.
Unlike his previous album, Raffaele doesn't aim to make us feel trapped and claustrophobic; these pieces have a similar aesthetic to Phantoms (2019) in that they feel wide open, but the pure subject matter is more than enough to turn it into a heavy experience. Nonetheless, as dark as Raffaele’s work may be, it is also very well balanced. As Martin Eric Ain once said: “There are many, many shades and colors to darkness than just black”, Raffaele knows when to attack and when to let the tension build up with minimal interference, instead of just giving in to the same old trope of harshness and dissonance to create discomfort; the approach is more “psycho-thriller” than “full-on slasher film”.
We transition from the ethereal, created by the intricate sound design, to the terrestrial via earthly samples that anchor our wandering spirits to the physical plain even if these clips feature morbid scenes: In “Chiangimuerti”, we can listen to the ancient practice of “professional mourners” that would cry and sing at someone’s wake. Thanks to Raffaele’s careful approach, we are spared an overly dramatic experience; the sonic textures surrounding the samples are discrete and minimal, thriving more on mystery and intrigue than on cheap jumpscares.

This Is The Darkness

With his latest release, Sonologyst (Raffaele Pezzella) continues with his reflection “… about life as a death spell… exploring various philosophies and traditions, from Buddhism to the old funeral rituals of Sardinia…”. To achieve this, dark ambient, drone, and industrial elements are expertly blended together – at times the end result is harsh and unyielding, in others it is more soothing and reassuring in nature. What this means for the listener is a rewarding sonic journey through the detriment and memories of human existence itself. Another impressive release from this skillful and talented musician!

Casey Douglass

Concrete Web

Concept and mastering: R.Pezzella (Sonologyst)
Cd Design: Black Space Industry
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